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silentpartner: Shout, shout...let it all out. These are the things that we do without. Come on...I'm talking to you....Come on!
Roman Novack: hi hello
Roman Novack: would you like to buy some amway
Dakota Jennings: Would you like to buy some what? (I cannot see the bottom line of text, maybe it's not suited for Chrome?)
Dakota Jennings: Ahhh, amway.
Cosmo Cooper: What the fuck
Roman Novack: i havent had writers block like this in forever lol
joj: Write about how great I am
Dakota Jennings: OOOH, me like me like
Maurice Yensman: SHOUT! (isn't that what I do here?)
Dirk Buchanan: hi
Dirk Buchanan: I mean shout!
Maurice Yensman: (:))
Chris Callum: lata bitch
mmss: do i have to get a twitter account to play here? it said extra points but how many people actually use it?
djurdjevic: You don't HAVE to. It's a bonus point so it counts as 1 point out of a potential of 24. Your actual RP counts as a potential 20 of those 24 points. I'd say most people use it. You don't have to send out like 10 tweets per match to get that point tho *
djurdjevic: This guide explains it well
David Scott: Will there be production sheets for Flipping the Script if we’d like to submit a segment?
silentpartner: Hey...we have a shoutbox. Who'da thunk it!
djurdjevic: The forgotten shoutbox
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